Gamma-valerolactone With Cas 108-29-2

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What is Gamma-Valerolactone With Cas 108-29-2?



colourless liquid


Coconut and vanillin aromas, 

warm and sweet herbal flavor

Content(by GC)


Acid value(mgKoH/g)


Refractive Index(


Specific gravity(


γ-Valerolactone is colorless to slightly yellow transparent liquid. With vanillin and coconut aromas, it is warm and sweet herbal. The boiling point is 207 °C, the flash point is 96.1 °C, and the crystallization point is -37 °C. The Ph value of anhydrous is 7.0; the Ph value of 10% distilled water solution is 4.2. Miscible in water and most organic solvents, resins, waxes, etc., insoluble in anhydrous glycerin, gum arabic, casein and soybean protein, etc.


It is a permitted edible spice. Mainly used to prepare peach, coconut, vanilla and other flavors. Uses γ-valerolactone has strong reactivity and can be used as a resin solvent and an intermediate for various related compounds. Also used as lubricants, plasticizers, gelling agents for non-ionic surfactants, lactone additives for leaded gasoline, and for dyeing cellulose esters and synthetic fibers. Gamma-valerolactone has vanillin and coconut aromas. my country's GB2760-86 stipulates that it is allowed to use edible spices. Mainly used to prepare peach, coconut, vanilla and other flavors.


200kgs/drum, 16tons/20’container 250kgs/drum,20tons/20’container 1250kgs/IBC, 20tons/20’container

Gamma-Valerolactone With Cas 108-29-2

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