Guaiacol CAS 90-05-1 PYROGUAIAC ACID

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What is Guaiacol?

Specification of Guaiacol

CAS 90-05-1
Appearance Light yellow transparent oily liquid
Purity 99%
Color Light yellow
Storage Cool Dried Storage
Package 200kg/drum
 Guaiol (or guaiacol, named after the guaiac tree native to Latin America) is a natural organic compound, this colorless aromatic oily compound is the main component of creosote, which can be obtained from guaiac. From wood resin, pine oil, etc. The common guaiacol takes on a dark color from exposure to air or light. The smoke from firewood burning contains guaiacol due to the breakdown of lignin.

Application of Guaiacol

Guaiacol is widely used in industry. Guaiol is commonly used to produce various fragrances such as eugenol, vanillin and artificial musk. Guaiol is also widely used in medicine. It can be used to synthesize guaiacol besylate (potassium guaiacol sulfonate), as a local anesthetic or antiseptic, as an expectorant and to treat indigestion . Because of its reducibility, it is often added in a small amount as an antioxidant in cosmetics and is often used together with synergists, metal ion chelating agents, etc. Guaiacol is also used as a dye because it reacts with oxygen to give a dark color. Guaiacol is also used as a raw material for organic synthesis and a standard substance for analytical determination.

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